Perfect Grilling

Hints for the perfect grilling experience

t bone1.  After thawing meat, let it sit at room temperature for up to one hour before cooking. This ensures that meat cooks evenly.
2.  When cooking grass-fed beef, as with any lean meat, it should be cooked in the range of rare to medium.
3.  Do not use a fork to place meat on grill or to turn meat. Use tongs. A fork punctures the meat and lets the juices escape, this will dry the meat out.
4.  Keep in mind that beef continues cooking after removal from heat source so pull meat 10-15 degrees prior to desired done-ness and let stand before carving.  Meat should “rest” for 5-10 min. this will allow the meat to finish cooking and the juices to disperse throughout the meat
5.  Always cut across the grain and meat should be served immediately after carving, because the short grain allows the meat to dry out quickly.

othercutsSome of our favorite recipes for the less popular cuts of beef

Interested in cooking short ribs?
This our favorite. Put in slow cooker all day, take out and drain, cover with BBQ sauce, put on grill (low heat) until sauce starts to caramelize, serve.

Know how to cook a Flank Steak?
Well in that case, just grill it like any other steak. Cook to med rare (may or may not marinate). After letting the steak rest for a few minutes slice thinly across the grain.

Texas style chip beef sandwich:
Take package of stew meat put in slow cooker in morning. After cooking all day drain meat and shred with fork, add your favorite BBQ sauce to meat, to your personal liking. Return mixture to slow cooker to reheat (about 15 minutes). Serve on hamburger buns.

Beef Available in Halves and Quarters